In a parallel universe, Rowe's new trilogy begins

Book 1 of the Eedoo Trilogy
Sharoo Awakens
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers / Fantasy/Fiction


5.5 x 8.5
123 pages
23 b/w illustrations

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Eedoo begins Rowe’s new trilogy on a Nineday

morning under the brilliantly clear, sapphire-blue

sky of Plash—a small exotic planet in a parallel

universe. Red-eyed scruffbirds nest in purple

bushes, pink laffodil flowers giggle in the breeze

near stealthy boa vines (half plant, half reptile)

that strike quickly and absorb their prey slowly,

and fantastic foons (fox/raccoons) love to make

people laugh. Generally-upbeat citizens of the

kingdom of Broan pray often to the O.B.E. (One

Behind Everything), wear heavy shoes to stay

grounded in the low-gravity atmosphere, and

honor the L.O.B. (Law of Boomerang) in what

they do.

Sharoo, the intrepid heroine of this delightful

tale, is eleven. Eedoo is timeless and, unlike

most other Broanians, Sharoo trusts hers com-

pletely. It guides her through everything—from

stressful situations in school, to learning from

the powerful witch Zaura, to service of Broan’s

king and queen, and to one on one combat with

the fierce giant Mygor—champion of the cruel,

merciless Glyzeans who want to enslave Broan.


Praise from Dean Sluyter

 “Clearly, Woody Rowe’s imagination does not come with
an off switch. Nor does his empathetic understanding of
the hopes, fears, and fantasy lives of young people.

presents an appealing heroine in a fresh world full
of surprises, served up with a froth of clever wordplay and
a quiet undercurrent of spiritual wisdom.”

—Dean Sluyter, author of Fear Less and Natural Meditation