Anthony Damiani's favorite study of Plotinus

Nature, Contemplation, and the One
A Study in the Philosophy of Plotinus
by John Deck
Philosophy / Religion


5.5 x 8.5, paperback
152 pages

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"This book must be read by all modern serious students of Plotinus." —R. Baine Harris, Director, International Society for Neoplatonic Studies

Anthony Damiani's favorite commentary on Plotinus, this incisive study offers an excellent brief introduction to all the fundamental themes in the Enneads. It focuses on how all Plotinus' central themes are woven together in Ennead III.8 ("Nature, Contemplation, and the One"). It will be of particular interest to students of Paul Brunton's mentalism, as it explores Plotinus' vision of how the physical world arises as Nature's "contemplation" of the World Soul.

"Plotinus' world of true being is not, except metaphorically, a world above the everyday world. It is the everyday world—not as experienced by sense, by opinion, or by discursive reasoning—but as known . . . by the best knowing power." —John Deck, from chapter 8