When love grieves . . .

Loving Grief

by Paul Bennett
Death, Grief, Bereavement


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96 pages

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When grief is the form your love takes, where do

you turn? Do you escape, or enter, the loneliness,

the emptiness, the pain? How much, how slowly,

how fast?

It’s a blessing when someone can help you feel

your own way through what only your heart can

process. That blessing is what Paul Bennett some-

how manages to pass along with Loving Grief.

When his wife Bonnie died, Paul lost the one person

whose presence had been pivotal to every decision

he made about the future.  He discovered that the

intensity of his grief matched the depth of his love

and learned how to go where it took him, through

the depths of loss and into new life he couldn’t

have imagined.

Many people who have lost a loved one will find

solace and inspiration in this personal, intimate,

exquisitely written gem.


About Paul Bennett

For 35 years, Paul Bennett wrote as a voice for

movements that shaped American society. His

work drew millions of members and hundreds

of millions of dollars into organizations such as

EMILY’s List, Common Cause, World Wildlife

Fund, and the Wilderness Society and helped

elect senators, members of Congress, and


Writing in his own eloquent voice after his wife’s

death, Paul reveals the depth of his own experience

authentically—and shines a new light into the funda-

mental nature of grieving.

Early praise


“This is a wonderful book. It broke my heart.

It healed my heart. A fine contribution to the

shared heart of our grief. Paul has done an

outstanding job. . . . There is so much love

in this work it is not surprising that it increases,

then overcomes, gravity.”

—Stephen Levine, author of
Who Dies?, A

Year to Live, Breaking the Drought

"Loving Grief is a sacred text, a guide to the

mysteries of grief; mysteries no one would

willingly pursue but to which everyone will

eventually be initiated. Paul Bennett . . . 

teaches by example how to keep a broken

heart open and growing in love. . . . This book

is good nourishment for anyone who is ready

to go deeply into life and love."

—Allan Schnarr, griefcounselor.org

“Since reading Paul Bennett’s powerful book,

Loving Grief, I have spent time reflecting on

each person I have lost to death with a new

sense of appreciation. Loving Grief captures

the experience and inspires me. . . . I highly

recommend this book. . . . it can provide solace

while honoring yourself and providing a path to

continue living and loving.”

—Miriam Hawley, co-author, Our Bodies, Ourselves

“Raw, complex, and ultimately successful.”


Loving Grief is not formulaic, not prescriptive;

rather, it reminds us that grief is the risk we

take when we love, and that love continues

even as we adapt to the enormity of loss. . . .

In clear, simple language, Paul Bennett shares

painfully won insights that are like the comforting

presence of a good friend.”

—Nina Miller, Nina K. Miller Hospicare Center,

Ithaca, NY

“Comforting, hopeful and uplifting! This

beautifully written . . . inspiring book will

bring comfort and hope to anyone mourning

the loss of a love.”

—Marty Tousley, bereavement counselor,

Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ

“The solitary road one must walk after losing

a loved one is as unique as the love which made

life meaningful before the beloved’s death. . . .

Paul’s story is an important gift for anyone who

has started down that lonely road.”

—Richard Harteis, poet, author, Legacy, Marathon