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"A Bible of beauty!" —James Hillman

Plotinus: The Enneads - MacKenna/Paige with Guthrie, Taylor, Armstrong

Plotinus: The Enneads
An unabridged, definitive edition of the classic Stephen MacKenna translation
by MacKenna/Paige with Guthrie, Taylor, Armstrong
Religion / Spirituality / Philosophy


6 x 9 cloth
768 pages

List price : $75.00
Our price : $60.00
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Simply the most exalted translation of one

of the finest products of the human mind.

Our edition makes it truly “the thinking

person's Plotinus” as well . . .

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"A truly tremendous book." —Parabola

Astronoesis - Anthony Damiani

Philosophy's Empirical Context, Astrology's Transcendental Ground
by Anthony Damiani
Astrology / Philosophy


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416 pages
170+ diagrams
10 x 8

List price : $90.00
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"I think that this is possibly the most important 

book on Philosophy and Astrology and the Metaphysics

of Astrology in 1500 years, in other words since the

fall of Classical Civilization . . ." —Robert Hand


"This, the sensible universe," states Anthony

Damiani in his bold introduction, "is the primordial

scripture. . . . [It] embodies the wisdom of primal

principles . . . that are as far beyond it as the

heavens are beyond the Earth."

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Wonderful! —Stephen Levine

Loving Grief - Paul Bennett

Loving Grief

by Paul Bennett
Death, Grief, Bereavement


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5.5 x 8.5
96 pages

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Best Inspirational Book Loving Grief

List price : $10.95
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When grief is the form your love takes,

where do you turn? Do you escape, or enter,

the loneliness, the emptiness, the pain? How

much, how slowly, how fast? It’s a blessing

when someone can . . .


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“Profound and practical.” –Daniel Goleman

This Hungry Spirit - C. Clinton Sidle

This Hungry Spirit
Your need for basic goodness
by C. Clinton Sidle
Success / Happiness / Self-Development



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6 x 9, 176 pages
Paperback, French flaps

A green publication

List price : $15.95
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(You save $4.79)

Discover the one thing that leads to

• Confidence

• Happiness

• Success

• Work that you love

• Leading well

• Making a difference

• Connecting genuinely with others

• Satisfying relationships (including romantic)

• Letting go of old issues

• Creating new possibilities

• Becoming your best possible self

• A meaningful, considered life

Basic goodness is the source of joy, interest,

gratitude, enthusiasm—all that makes you

feel best about yourself and others.

It awakens . . .

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Gift Certificates! - Direct from Larson

Gift Certificates!

by Direct from Larson

Gifts for




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Gift Certificate

     If you just can't decide what that special person wants most, a

    gift certificate may be just the ticket! Available in multiples

    of $25 . . .

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Discover new vistas . . . - Flower and Song

Discover new vistas . . .
Breathe new life . . .
by Flower and Song



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  Gillian Pederson Krag Paintings and Etchings 1970–2011

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"The enlightened cultural father . . ."

The Poet's Daughter, Autographed copies - Parvaneh Bahar <br/>with Joan Aghevli

The Poet's Daughter, Autographed copies
Malek o'Shoara Bahar of Iran and the Immortal Song of Freedom
by Parvaneh Bahar
with Joan Aghevli



6 x 9
240 pages
18 photos

List price : $22.95
Our price : $20.66
(You save $2.29)

“Malek o’Shoara Bahar was the enlightened

cultural father of all Iranians who lived after

him." —Rahavard Persian Journal

"This inspiring memoir beckons readers to see

the Persia of old." —Publishers Weekly


Intimate and emotionally engaging, this absorbing

and timely memoir introduces western readers to

Iran's great cultural hero, political activist, and poet

laureate Malek o'Shoara Bahar—whose freedom

anthem "Bird of Dawn" is sung regularly with passion

at rallies and demonstrations for human rights and

democratic values throughout Iran . . .

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A classic coming-of-age tale . . .

Winter Break - Astrid Fitzgerald

Winter Break
A Luminous Journey into Wisdom and Love
by Astrid Fitzgerald


6 x 9
384 pages

List price : $22.00
Our price : $20.00
(You save $2.00)

Deep in the snows of the Swiss Alps during

her winter break, young Caroline Stillhart

enters a mysterious world in which a master

teacher, a woman of wisdom and insight,

reveals to her the true nature of . . .

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An artist's artist . . .

Gillian Pederson Krag Paintings and Etchings 1970-2011 - Gillian Pederson Krag

Gillian Pederson Krag Paintings and Etchings 1970-2011
Reflections on Painting
by Gillian Pederson Krag
Fine Arts / Spirituality


January 2012

9 x 10.5
170 pages
Full color throughout
Quality paperback binding

List price : $40.00
Our price : $38.00
(You save $2.00)

77 full plate color paintings
31 etchings

Companions the sumptuous visual art of acclaimed

painter Gillian Pederson Krag with her insights about

art and spirituality, culled from a rich lifetime of

teaching and "making stuff appear."

See recent profile in Outdoor Painter

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Highly recommended! Robert Bosnak

Take Me Home - Liza C. Johnson, LMFT

Take Me Home
Walking on Sacred Ground in the Last Stage of Life
by Liza C. Johnson, LMFT
Eldercare / Memoir


5.5 x 8.5
296 pages

List price : $17.95
Our price : $17.05
(You save $0.90)

“This is the guidance so many people need

but sadly don’t get.”—Richard Schaub,

Dantes Path

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