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Put the Blame on Eve - Melinda J. Rising

Put the Blame on Eve
What Women Must Overcome to Feel Worthy
by Melinda J. Rising
Women's Studies / Spirituality


6 x 9, 176 pages
Paperback with French flaps

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Put the Blame on Eve
follows the roots of

women’s struggles for equal pay, equal status,

and equal respect back to that fateful, eye-

opening day—when Eve met a Serpent by a

Tree, and shared an Apple with Adam instead

of enjoying it without him. How did  Eve (and

then all women) become a scapegoat for “The

Fall of Man”? What “spin” on this story made

women seem to deserve . . .

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An inspiring invitation . . .

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 4, part 1 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 4, part 1
by Paul Brunton
Meditation / Spirituality


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover out of stock)
272 pages

List price : $15.95
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"The truth needed for immediate and provisional use may be learned from books and teachers, but the truth of the ultimate revelation can be learned only from and within oneself by meditation." —Paul Brunton

Meditation is an inspiring invitation to the most intimate adventure of human spirituality . . .

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A moveable temple . . .

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 4, part 2 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 4, part 2
The Body
by Paul Brunton
Mindbodywork / Spirituality


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover out of stock)
160 pages

List price : $14.95
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"The body is as much a divine projection as the planet on which it dwells." —Paul Brunton

The Body is a balanced approach to developing the physical body's potential to express divine forces . . .

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This Is for Everyone - Douglas Goldhamer and Melinda Stengel

This Is for Everyone
Universal Principles of Healing and the Jewish Mystics
by Douglas Goldhamer and Melinda Stengel
Judaism / Healing / Inspiration


5.5 x 8.5, paperback
176 pages

List price : $14.95
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"A very important book for those involved

in healing. . . . clearly at the vanguard of the

change in medical paradigms which is at the

center of today’s healthcare crisis.”

—Andrew Freinkel, M.D., Integrative Medicine

Specialist, Stanford University Medical School 

This wonderful book by a Rabbi and a practicing

Catholic shows how to evoke and directly

experience the healing force in the universe

known variously as: God, the ineffable, that-

which-is, life force, ch’i, etc. It draws on universal

principles of physical healing that are part of, yet

transcend all religions.

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Science and religion in dialogue

Tibetan Buddhism & Modern Physics - Vic Mansfield

Tibetan Buddhism & Modern Physics
Toward a Union of Love and Knowledge
by Vic Mansfield
Science and Religion


Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

5.5 x 8.5, paperback
192 pages

List price : $19.95
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"Readers will surely be rewarded by the  light this

book shines on the corresponding, but quite different,

 approaches to reality taken by Tibetan Buddhism

and modern physics." —H.H. The Dalai Lama

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Loving Grief (autographed) - Paul Bennett

Loving Grief (autographed)

by Paul Bennett
Death, Grief, Bereavement


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5.5 x 8.5
96 pages

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"A truly tremendous book . . ." —Parabola

Living Wisdom - Anthony Damiani

Living Wisdom
Revisioning the Philosophic Quest
by Anthony Damiani
Spirituality / Philosophy


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5.5 x 8.5
240 pages

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This "truly tremendous book . . . full of soul

which reaches out to touch spirit," presents,

concisely and accessibly, the essence of the

Paul Brunton / Anthony Damiani school of

spiritual awakening and practice . . .

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What makes us human?

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 5 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 5
Emotions and Ethics /
The Intellect
by Paul Brunton
Ethics / Spirituality / Philosophy


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover is available)
432 pages

List price : $18.95
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 "The question is . . . to accept the baser weaknesses as human or . . . to struggle against them as unworthy of a human being." —Paul Brunton

The power of character and feelings, the uses and limitations of intellect . . .



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Profound, practical, and fun!

Dreaming Together - Jon Lipsky

Dreaming Together
Explore Your Dreams by Acting them Out
by Jon Lipsky
Self-help / Dreamwork


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6 x 9 paperback
208 pages
8 photos

"A must for dreamworkers,

actors, directors . . .

List price : $16.95
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Our times call for learning to dream together —

and quickly!  Jon Lipsky gives us a unique way

to re-enter our dreams together that brings us

to the source of everyone's creativity—with the 

help of easy, inspiring theater techniques. This

 playful, interactive re-engaging of the inner

genius is . . .

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Wilbur Award winner . . .

Healing the Sacred Divide - Jean Benedict Raffa

Healing the Sacred Divide
Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World
by Jean Benedict Raffa
Religion / Psychology / Spirituality


   Winner of RCC
2013 Wilbur Award

6 x 9
320 pages
French flaps

List price : $18.95
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"An important contribution to the continuing

development of spirituality, bound to appeal

to readers interested in gender roles, feminist

approaches, and psychology." —Library Journal


Healing the Sacred Divide offers a reprieve from

unrelenting anxiety and guilt about never being

good enough, and helps you connect intimately

with what truly feels sacred to you.

Author Jean Raffa helps us deal successfully with

strife and divisions in ourselves, our relationships,

and our world by first associating common dysfunctions

with popular ways of thinking about God, then showing

how to enter the “divide” where polarized views and

forces meet as a sacred place of innovation and potential

common ground. . . .


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