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Dreaming Together - Jon Lipsky

Dreaming Together
Explore Your Dreams by Acting them Out
by Jon Lipsky
Self-help / Dreamwork


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6 x 9 paperback
208 pages
8 photos

"A must for dreamworkers,

actors, directors . . .

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Our times call for learning to dream together —

and quickly!  Jon Lipsky gives us a unique way

to re-enter our dreams together that brings us

to the source of everyone's creativity—with the 

help of easy, inspiring theater techniques. This

 playful, interactive re-engaging of the inner

genius is . . .

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Wilbur Award winner . . .

Healing the Sacred Divide - Jean Benedict Raffa

Healing the Sacred Divide
Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World
by Jean Benedict Raffa
Religion / Psychology / Spirituality


   Winner of RCC
2013 Wilbur Award

6 x 9
320 pages
French flaps

List price : $18.95
Our price : $15.16
(You save $3.79)

"An important contribution to the continuing

development of spirituality, bound to appeal

to readers interested in gender roles, feminist

approaches, and psychology." —Library Journal


Healing the Sacred Divide offers a reprieve from

unrelenting anxiety and guilt about never being

good enough, and helps you connect intimately

with what truly feels sacred to you.

Author Jean Raffa helps us deal successfully with

strife and divisions in ourselves, our relationships,

and our world by first associating common dysfunctions

with popular ways of thinking about God, then showing

how to enter the “divide” where polarized views and

forces meet as a sacred place of innovation and potential

common ground. . . .


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"Contains the master key . . ." —Ken Wilber

Great Swan - Lex Hixon

Great Swan
Meetings with Ramakrishna
by Lex Hixon
Biography / Spiritual Life


     very special

6 x 9 paperback
334 pages

List price : $18.95
Our price : $15.16
(You save $3.79)

As Hixon so accurately points out, ‘Ramakrishna is

. . . an Einstein of the planetary civilization of the

near future, a greenhouse for the future evolution

of humanity.’ This book thus contains the master

key that opens all cultures and all hearts.”

                           —Ken Wilber

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What does I stand for?

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 6 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 6
The Ego
From Birth to Rebirth
by Paul Brunton
Psychology / Spirituality


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover is available)
320 pages


List price : $18.95
Our price : $15.16
(You save $3.79)

 Part 1, The Ego, is a unique, unprecedented, enormously useful resource for discovering/developing spiritual integrity.

Part 2, From Birth to Rebirth, explores the role of death in the cycle of life . . .

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"Inspired." —Library Journal

Coming Home - Lex Hixon

Coming Home
The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions
by Lex Hixon
Religion / Spirituality



5.5 x 8.25, paperback
240 pages

List price : $14.00
Our price : $11.20
(You save $2.80)

"The single best introductory book ever written

on the world’s great mystical traditions. . .

simple, brilliant . . . explains and epitomizes

the best . . ." —Ken Wilber

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"A very funny book!" —Jim Lehrer

The Art of Napping - William A. Anthony, Ph.D.

The Art of Napping

by William A. Anthony, Ph.D.
Wellness / Humor


   Refreshing special
    for devout nappers
     and wannabes!


6 x 6, paperback
96 pages, cartoons throughout

List price : $9.95
Our price : $8.96
(You save $0.99)

“There is, in fact, a magic bullet for life. It’s

called the daily nap. Read all about it in this

very funny book and change your life. Sorry,

got to run. It’s time for my nap.”

                            —Jim Lehrer of The NewsHour 

Pir Vilayat Khan told our editor that if he was

very busy he would occasionally miss a meditation,

but he would never miss his nap . . .


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What Is Karma? - Paul Brunton

What Is Karma?

by Paul Brunton


Good karma


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5 x 7.5
144 pages

List price : $10.95
Our price : $7.66
(You save $3.29)

More than 28,000 U.S. prison inmates have

personally requested this refreshing, positive

view of karma, its relation to forgiveness,

freedom, and enlightenment, and how to

get it working for you, as part of a special

program sponsored by PBPF . . .

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"The enlightened cultural father . . ."

The Poet's Daughter - Parvaneh Bahar <br/>with Joan Aghevli

The Poet's Daughter
Malek o'Shoara Bahar of Iran and the Immortal Song of Freedom
by Parvaneh Bahar
with Joan Aghevli



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6 x 9
240 pages
18 photos

List price : $22.95
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(You save $4.59)

“Malek o’Shoara Bahar was the enlightened

cultural father of all Iranians who lived after

him." —Rahavard Persian Journal

"This inspiring memoir beckons readers to see

the Persia of old." —Publishers Weekly


Intimate and emotionally engaging, this absorbing

and timely memoir introduces western readers to

Iran's great cultural hero, political activist, and poet

laureate Malek o'Shoara Bahar—whose freedom

anthem "Bird of Dawn" is sung regularly with passion

at rallies and demonstrations for human rights and

democratic values throughout Iran . . .

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Forces of life / Roots of evil

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 7 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 7
Healing of the Self
The Negatives
by Paul Brunton
Healing / Health / Spirituality


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover out of stock)
320 pages

List price : $16.95
Our price : $13.56
(You save $3.39)

 "Unless we look behind the world's problems into the real and spiritual problems which they reflect, we can not properly understand them or solve them." —Paul Brunton

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Autobiographical notes, observations

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 8 - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton volume 8
Reflections on My Life and Writings
by Paul Brunton
Autobiography / Spirituality


5.75 x 8.5, softcover
(hardcover is available)
272 pages

List price : $14.95
Our price : $11.96
(You save $2.99)

 Paul Brunton's reflections on more than fifty years of research, spiritual practice, and writing—and some of the people, influences, and events he considered significant in his life.

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