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A story of love and awakening

The Magdalene Gates - Richard Geldard

The Magdalene Gates
A Novella
by Richard Geldard
Fiction / Religion


6 x 9
148 pages

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Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton

"Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of a future humanity." - Jean Houston

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Anthony Damiani

Anthony Damiani

"A truly great man . . . one of my closest spiritual brothers." - Dalai Lama

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Lex Hixon

Lex Hixon

"The single best introductory book ever written on the world's great mystical traditions." - Ken Wilber, on Lex's Coming Home

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This Is for Everyone:

This Is for Everyone:
Universal Principles of Healing and the Jewish Mystics

People who couldn’t get healed buy copies for friends.

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Plotinus: The Enneads

Plotinus: The Enneads
Stephen MacKenna, trans.

"This truly great book is the source of much that is most precious in the whole Western spiritual tradition." - Jacob Needleman

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The Art of Napping

The Art of Napping

"There is, in fact, a magic bullet for life. . . . Read all about it in this very funny book and change your life." - Jim Lehrer of The NewsHour

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". . . possibly the most important book on Astrology and Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Astrology in 1500 years." - Robert Hand

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A well-crafted, suspense-filled love story and spiritual

mystery novella, set mainly in Athens, Ephesus (the

resting place of Mary) and Crete. It centers on Maia

and Tonio's discovery of long-lost letters of Mary

Magdalene and the growing love that brings spiritual

awakening and new life to both characters.

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The Short Path to Enlightenment - Paul Brunton

The Short Path to Enlightenment
Instructions for Immediate Awakening
by Paul Brunton
Short Path / Spiritual Life



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6 x 9, 160 pages

paperback, $14.95

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"Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra

and let it open your eyes to eternity." —Adyashanti

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Life's deepest purpose . . .

Realizing Soul - Paul Brunton

Realizing Soul
From Intuition to an Inspired Life
by Paul Brunton


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“Paul Brunton’s laser-sharp eye directs us back to . . . the Divine Self.” –Mooji

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The grand finale!

Jerry's Magnificence - W.W. Rowe

Jerry's Magnificence
#5 in the award-winning series
by W.W. Rowe
YA Fiction 12 and up


5 x 8
116 pages
22 line drawings

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Jerry comes face to face with disaster in this

culminating adventure of W.W. Rowe's action-

packed "Jerry's M—" series . . . is he up to it?

Click through to see more about this concluding

episode and connect with books 1–4 in this

delightful series . . .

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Inspiring! Highly recommended!

In the Oneness of Time - William Douglas Horden

In the Oneness of Time
The Education of a Diviner
by William Douglas Horden


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From the author of
the award-winning
Toltec I Ching

6 x 9, paperback
8 b/w illustrations
253 pages

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In the Oneness of Time is an inspiring true story

that draws the imagination into its own magical

source—where things become possible, and

possibilities become things . . . (see Publishers

Weekly review)


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A young girl's exciting adventure

Eedoo - W.W. Rowe

Book 1 of the Eedoo Trilogy
Sharoo Awakens
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers / Fantasy/Fiction


5.5 x 8.5
123 pages
23 b/w illustrations

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Eedoo begins W.W. Rowe’s new trilogy on a

Nineday morning under the brilliantly clear,

sapphire-blue sky of Plash—a small exotic

planet in a parallel universe. Red-eyed

scruffbirds nest in purple bushes, pink laffodil

flowers giggle in the breeze near stealthy . . .

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An inner compass for Now

The Toltec I Ching - Martha Ramirez-Oropeza and William Douglas Horden

The Toltec I Ching
64 Keys to Inspired Action in the New World
by Martha Ramirez-Oropeza and William Douglas Horden
Happiness / Self-Development / Spiritual Life


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6 x 9, French flaps
296 matte-coated pages
64 full-page color images
smythe-sewn paperback

2010 Nautilus Award                                      

List price : $27.50
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  • Develop Better Intuition

  • Anticipate Change

  • Adapt in a Timely Manner

  • Enrich & Ennoble Relationships

  • Increase Good Fortune

  • Harmonize with What's around You

  • Create a Positive Influence on Others

  • Understand Unchanging Forces within Change


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"A treasure-trove of wisdom!" E. Kubler-Ross

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton - Paul Brunton

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton
Paperback edition
by Paul Brunton
Psychology / Spirituality / Philosophy

0-943914-23-X Set

16 volumes

5.75 x 8.5

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Sixteen independent but related volumes—each addressing a

unique dimension of human character or spiritual potential.

Each volume is remarkable in its own right. The depth,

simplicity, practical detail, and consistent sensibleness

of the series as a whole is unmatched . . .

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Gold Ippy Award Winner!

Leaning into Love - Elaine Mansfield

Leaning into Love
A Spiritual Journey through Grief
by Elaine Mansfield
Memoir / Death, Grief, Bereavement



Award Just Announced!

6 x 9
174 pages

List price : $14.95
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Elaine Mansfield's uplifting story of love, hope,

determination, and triumph is a gift to the half

million women who lose spouses every year . . .

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Brilliant, tender, healing

Breaking the Drought - Stephen Levine

Breaking the Drought
Visions of Grace
by Stephen Levine
Inspiration / Spirit Poetry


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6 x 9 paperback
French flaps

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There is a silence between breaths

when the heart becomes a sacred flame

and the belly uncoils which reminds me

how remarkable it is to . . .


“A glorious deluge of the divine!” —Wavy Gravy


“Poems of the heart that speak directly to our spirit

today . . . timely and timeless . . . like nectar to soul.”

   —Lama Surya Das


"A gorgeous book . . . Stephen Levine has always told the

truth, now he does it with the great beauty of his poetry . . .”

   —Roshi Joan Halifax

“There are many poems here you’ll want to read to friends.”

   —Robert Bly

                                                                                        full reviews


Click here for a video of Stephen reading from

Breaking the Drought at Ecoversity

Breaking the Drought is a bold new step into a deeper

level of the compassionate helpfulness for which Stephen

and Ondrea Levine have become so well known and

loved . . . 

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