About Us

Larson aspires to help bring forward a new, creative universal outlook that embraces and transcends divisions of east and west, north and south, believers and nonbelievers. We invite wisdom and good humor from all directions to help you formulate your own individual wisdom—to stimulate, not to dominate, what must be a creative, individual process.

World community through personal awakenings. Spiritual independence and social relevance. World citizenship. Global responsibility. Cultural cross-pollination. Religions as ladders not walls. Spiritual multilogue. Ways to deal with fears that serve no common good. Transformative ideas that light your fire.

There's more going on these days than we can possibly imagine. More than we can make sense of.

Let's try anyway.


With books, audio/visual materials, and emerging communication technologies:

Counter fragmentation with deeper visions of wholeness and unity. Help people who are waking up share what they see

with one another;
with others who want to wake up;
with others who need to wake up.

Find ways to coexist and constructively cross-pollinate.

In the process:

Respect readers throughout.
Avoid self-flattery. Value differences.
Presume nothing. Be constructive.
Provide high editorial quality.
Cultivate excellent, clear, original writing.
Design aesthetically, for impact and clarity.
Market with integrity.


Larson Publications started in 1982 as a North American subsidiary of Sweden's Bokförlaget Robert Larson AB. The original idea was to be a general publisher.

In 1984, publishing The Notebooks of Paul Brunton as quickly as possible became our obsession. Two years later we joined forces with the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation. By early 1990 the Notebooks series was complete.

Besides Paul Brunton's books we (as part of PBPF) published works of Joseph Campbell, Anthony Damiani, Plotinus (MacKenna translation), Rumi (Ergin translations), Lex Hixon, René Guénon, Louis Lavelle, Georg Feuerstein, and a variety of gifted new writers.

In June, 2007, we started re-inventing Larson as an independent company.


We were very pleased to launch this new phase with Stephen Levine's Breaking the Drought. Stephen was deep, bright, creative not imitative, steeped in but not limited by a profound tradition—an excellent example of the kind of person Paul Brunton called out for when he wrote that "the West's spiritual revival must and can come only out of its own creative and native mind." We have missed his warmth and friendship very much since his passing in 2016, but are joyful to be able to continue to offer his inspiration through Breaking the Drought to new readers every day.

Today's (ever) new spirituality inspires dreams and visions of world citizenship—rooted in intuitions of global consciousness—emerging through individual awakenings. Here in the U.S., it rouses the American soul to create ways for people of vastly different backgrounds to coexist, co-emerge, and thrive as a unity. Philosophy, religion, art, music, science, politics, business—elementary upheavals in all these fields are changing all we think we know, faster than ever before. It's scary. It's thrilling.

It's more inescapable every day.

Larson aspires to help find common ground on which men and women of informed good will, from all walks of life, can gather to meet together the urgent challenges of our times. We live toward the discovery of unities deep enough to counter the rampant fragmentation of our cultures and personal lives. And for the good laugh at ourselves we get each time we see we've been looking in a wrong way and a wrong place for a wrong reason.