Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I see everything available from Larson Publications?

Under "Shop" in the horizontal navigation tabs, select "Shop All Books." You also can select "Shop by Author" to see everything grouped by author or "Shop By Title" or "Shop By Subject."

Q. How do I use the search function to find what I'm looking for?

A. Type into the search box as much of the relevant information (title or author or ISBN) as you know and press Enter or click on the SEARCH button. Then when the options appear, click View Details on the selection you want.

Q. I want to talk to a person. What's the best way to do that?

A. Your best chance of getting a person by phone is Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern USA time, at 607-546-9342. Depending on the purpose of your call, it's very helpful if you can e-mail ahead to arrange an appointment with the appropriate person. Please look at the various navigation tabs on our site to find the appropriate contact. If you get voice mail during the posted hours, or at any other time, you can leave a message; please include an e-mail address so that we can contact you about setting up an appointment.

Q. How can I find out the status of my order?

A. Contact customer service 24/7. To speak with a person, call between the hours of 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 800-828-2197 (USA/Canada) or 607-546-9342 (outside USA/Canada).

Q. I would like to submit a query or a proposal or a manuscript for you to consider publishing. What are your guidelines?

A. Please see Submission Guidelines in our For Authors section.

Q. I am a bookseller or wholesaler outside the U.S. How do I purchase Larson Publications books for resale?

A. Please see Distribution in our For the Trade section. If none of these distributors serves your area, please contact us at

Q. I am an individual outside North America. How can get your books without paying the high postage involved with delivery from the USA?

A. Many of our titles are available through online booksellers (Amazon, etc.) serving your area. If you can't find one there or in your local bookstores, see Distribution in our For the Trade section for a distributor who supplies your region and can ship copies to a store near you. If none of that works, e-mail our customer service at

Q. I'm someone from the media who needs to reach an author for an interview, or otherwise speak to a publicist.

A. Please see Book an Author in our Contact section.

Q. I'm not a media person but would like to contact a Larson Publications author—how can I do that?

A. We don't give out direct contact information for our authors. To reach one of them, you can e-mail or send a first class letter to the author c/o Larson Publications, 4936 NYS Route 414, Burdett, NY 14818. We will forward your correspondence.

Q. I need a review copy of one of your books.

A. If you need a book for publicity purposes (print, broadcast, or electronic media), please see Review/Desk Copies in our For the Trade section. If we've never sent your publication a review copy before, we will likely request a sample issue.

Q. I would like to request a desk or examination copy.

A. If you are an instructor and are considering using a Larson book for a class, please see Review/Desk Copies in our For the Trade section.

Q. I work for a foreign publisher, and I'm interested in reviewing some of your books for foreign rights.

A. Please see Subsidiary Rights in our Contact section.

Q. Do you hire freelance workers?

We do not currently employ freelance readers or editors. If you have extensive experience copyediting, proofreading, or indexing in our subject areas and would like to be considered if a need arises, please send your résumé to:

Managing Editor
Larson Publications
4936 NYS Route 414
Burdett, NY 14818.