For Authors

Submission Guidelines

Please Note: For the moment, we have as much new material in hand as we need. Beginning August 1, 2023, we are taking a pause from considering unsolicited material. That includes new proposals, queries, manuscript samples, and manuscripts until further notice. Please don’t send us anything or call or email with questions about these things while this notice still appears.

To Submit a Manuscript Proposal

What we want most isn't out there yet. We hope we'll recognize it when we see it. You can improve our chances of seeing it in your material by being as clear as you can about:

1. Your Subject

Of the many issues that threaten our mutual well-being on this earth together, which does your book address? What are you saying about it that hasn't been said, or said well, or already ignored?

If you're addressing something that's been said and ignored, what makes your treatment of it more likely to be heard? What makes your perspective on the issue unique?

Is your perspective "spiritual"? How so? If not, how so?

2. Your Audience

Who will want to read your book when they learn that it exists? Why&emdash;what benefits does it offer them? What benefits does it provide that they can't get elsewhere?

Will they recommend it to friends? Why?

What do they do besides read books?

What do you know about their ages, gender, educational level, experience level, or other characteristics that will help us inform them about your book?

3. Your Qualifications

Why are you the right person to write this book?

Give a brief bio of yourself. Mention all your specific qualifications for writing on your subject&emdash;including but not limited to academic or lineage qualifications.

4. Your Connections

Who will help you bring attention to this book? Can you get endorsements from credible people in the field? Who? Mention individuals or organizations with Web sites, newsletters (print or e-mail), or other vehicles who will review, sell, or otherwise help get your book to your audience.

In what other ways can you help bring attention to your book?

Answer these questions as well as you can briefly, in three pages at the most. Then send your query letter, with an enclosed stamped, self-addressed envelope, to

Larson Publications
4936 NYS Route 414
Burdett, NY 14818

Use regular snail mail—don't waste money on express delivery. We can't get to it quickly most of the time anyway. Please allow at least eight weeks for us to respond. Don't be surprised if we (sigh) take longer. We're small and, for better or worse, there's lots to do here besides read!

We don't accept e-mail queries, but still have the nerve to ask you for an e-mail address to respond with questions, ask for a full proposal or sample chapters, or the whole manuscript.

We can't return materials received without an enclosed, properly stamped return envelope. If you don't care about that, forget about the return envelope; just give us an e-mail address to let you know if we think we're right for your book.