The artist's own limited edition

Gillian Pederson Krag Paintings and Etchings 1970-2011
Reflections on Painting
by Gillian Pederson Krag
Fine Arts / Spirituality


January 2012

9 x 10.5
170 pages
Full color throughout
Quality paperback binding

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77 full plate color paintings, 31 etchings

This visually sumptuous book companions the

exquisite artwork of acclaimed painter Gillian

Pederson Krag with her insights, culled from

years of teaching and making art, on art and

spirituality. Gillian designed and produced this

limited edition herself, and was at the printer

to approve the reproduction quality as each

sheet came off the press.

See recent interview in Painting Perceptions,

with many art samples from the book.

See recent profile in Outdoor Painter.

About the Artist

Gillian Pederson-Krag grew up in New York

City and attended classes at the Art Students'

League. She studied painting at the Rhode

Island School of Design after spending a year

at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

In 1963, she received an MFA degree from

Cornell University.

She has taught at Cornell University, Dartmouth

College, and at the Queens College summer

program, and has served as a visiting critic at

numerous colleges and universities including

Swarthmore College, Vassar College, Boston

University, Syracuse University, Indiana

University, and the Universities of Iowa and

New Hampshire.

She has won numerous awards and her

work has been exhibited widely in prestigious

venues throughout the USA.
Gillian has cultivated a lifelong interest in

spirituality.  Her painting and etchings are

direct expressions of her quest of depth and

beauty.  Teachers who have influenced her

profoundly are Joseph Campbell, Francis

Lucille, and Paul Brunton to whom this book

is dedicated.


“Gillian Pederson-Krag is considered 'a

painter's painter' because of her lush sense

of color, her deft touch of the brush and the

quiet sense of brooding that permeates her

imagery. Her paintings and prints reveal a

sense of poetic quality that requires the viewer

to slow down and muse on the connections

among the forms and meanings they suggest.

Her works show us views of solitary people

engaged in familiar undertakings, a child at

play on the floor or a woman looking toward

the window. Her landscapes are 'moments'

that express a feeling of grandeur in nature,

often with a depicted view that seem much

like ones we have seen often in our daily

lives. The image evokes feelings within us

that transcend explanation and provide a

sense of human connection to her resonant


—From Gillian's bio at Hollins Academids

Table of Contents

    Introduction: Beyond Separation
    by Tom Maderos

1: Reflections on Painting

2: Landscape

3: Figure Painting

4: Still Life

5: Etching

     Biographical Information

     Information about Plates

     Photo Credits