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Jerry's Magic
(First in the series . . .)
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers / Fiction


The first in a series of
five Jerry's M—books

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Silver Award winner for ages 9-12

5 x 8, 96 pages
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"Readers will find much to enjoy . . ." —Publishers Weekly


Do you believe in magic? Not ordinary magic—

like pulling rabbits from a hat.  Real magic.

When something unbelievable happens that

changes your life in amazing ways.  Ten-year-

old Jerry Shore is learning it from the Wonder-

worker by the junkyard, who gives him magical

objects (to sell for good money at school) and

is teaching him The Look, which puts people

under his power. But is he swindling his friends,

or learning about ethics, character, and his

higher self?


See below and also in "Excerpts & Info" box above

for links to all of Jerry's other entertaining adventures.

The series order is:

Jerry's Magic
Jerry's Madness
Jerry's Mystery
Jerry's Mastery
Jerry's Magnificence


About W.W. Rowe

W.W. Rowe lives in Sedona, Arizona, with his

artist-writer wife Eleanor. He received a B.A.

from Harvard and a Ph.D. from NYU, where he

taught Russian and Comparative Literature.  

His publications include seven volumes of literary

criticism and numerous children's stories.

Early Praise, Publishers Weekly

"Rowe, a former college professor and author of

literary criticism, turns his hand to a fiction series

for middle-grade readers with the story of Jerry

Shore. The novel is set in the U.S. just after WWII,

and Jerry and his mother are mourning his father’s

death in the war. When Jerry’s mother tells him that

he is now responsible for their well-being, he deter-

mines to make as much money as possible. Not all

of his moneymaking schemes work out, and not all

of them are honest, but along the way Jerry foils a

bank robbery and meets the Wonderworker, a man

who puts Jerry in touch with his own highest nature.

Jerry’s life and the lives of his friends and family are

changed in unexpected and wonderful ways as a result

of the knowledge the Wonderworker imparts. Readers

will find much to enjoy in Jerry’s humor, his resiliency,

and in the way he meets challenges head on."

Publishers Weekly

Ages 8–12. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 07/28/2014
Release date: 09/01/2014

“Rowe’s inspired, often wacky tale is full of

surprises, narrative as well as spiritual. It’s

what you might get if Huck Finn stumbled

into the middle of The Razor’s Edge. Young

readers may be entranced by it, they may be

challenged by it, but they won’t forget it. This

is not your mother’s Goodnight Moon!

—Dean Sluyter, author, Cinema Nirvana


More Description

Jerry Shore is ten. He lost his dad five years ago

in the Big War, and broke a finger putting his fist

through a wall. He’s the man of the house and

makes good money now, selling and renting magical

objects he gets from the Wonderworker by the dump.

And he’s learning The Look, which puts people under

his power.

When some objects don’t work, burly Cromer Borkin

and sneaky Willie Fielder lead the kids at school to

demand their money back. He’s already spent it and

would be in big trouble if not for The Doubler, which

doubles money left in it overnight. Only pretty Suzie

Steele still believes in him . . . and the Wonderworker,

who cautions him not to misuse The Doubler and helps

him discover his higher self.