Mom's Choice again!

Jerry's Madness
(Second in the series . . .)
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers / Fiction


5 x 8
98 pages
21 line illustrations

Silver Award winner for ages 9-12

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This action-packed sequel to Mom’s Choice® Award

winning Jerry’s Magic is the second book in W.W.

Rowe’s five-volume Jerry’s M—series, and another

Mom’s Choice® Silver Award winner! Here at age

eleven Jerry has his first kiss, gets steamed over his

friends’ teasing about it, has a terrifying run-in with

a knife-wielding mentally disturbed man, learns more

about using The Look only for good, sees how we’re

often caught up in what we only imagine is happening,

turns an enemy into a friend, helps his team beat their

rivals, and develops telepathy with Wilcox. He also

struggles throughout the book to stop a relentless

bullying conflict that comes to a crisis when his best

friend Monty decides that suicide is his only escape.

What will Jerry do?

Set accurately in post-WWII America (1948). Jerry

faces many emotional and ethical issues that kids face


See below and also in "Excerpts & Info" box above

for links to all of Jerry's other entertaining adventures.

The series order is:

Jerry's Magic
Jerry's Madness
Jerry's Mystery
Jerry's Mastery
Jerry's Magnificence


About W.W. Rowe

W.W. Rowe lives in Sedona, Arizona, with his

artist-writer wife Eleanor. He received a B.A.

from Harvard and a Ph.D. from NYU, where he

taught Russian and Comparative Literature.

His publications include seven volumes of literary

criticism and numerous children's stories.

Early Praise

NetGalley Review:

Full Text: Jerry's Madness by W. W. Rowe is a

must read for children experiencing real life or

online bullying, especially if the bullying is due

to real or perceived differences in gender identity

or sexual orientation. There are gay slurs, but

they are used as part of an important contempo-

rary message. As with Jerry's Magic, the setting

is well drawn and feels natural despite being set

in the 50s. The compelling characters achieve more

depth than they did in the first book, but this book

can successfully stand alone. Gone is the innocence

of a Rockwell painting that prevailed in the first

book, replaced with something a little grittier, but

not too dark for the intended audience, which would

be children old enough to handle gay slurs and the

topic of suicide. Read this book before giving it to

your child. Make yourself available for questions

when you give them the book and follow up with

them after they read it to be certain that they have

assimilated the content. I cannot emphasize enough

how great this book is on the subject of bullying. If

your child has a friend who is bullied, this will help

them to be the kind of friend they need to be. If your

child is being bullied, it might save their life.

Jerry is a 10 year old boy whose friend Monty is being

bullied because he has a lisp and is perceived to be

effeminate. Jerry tries to win over his classmates to

get them to stop bullying Monty. Again Jerry seeks out

the advice of the Wonder Worker, a vagrant named

Wilcox. Wilcox provides Jerry with further wisdom on

reaching out to his higher self to provide direction and

healing for this situation.

This book is fast moving and filled with even more

drama than the first. It's rare that a sequel is better

than the original book especially when the original is

as good as Jerry's Magic, but Jerry's Madness is that

rare book. Please read this book and give it to your

preteen or young teen. The book is that good and

the message is that important.  —T. Babcock