#3 in the Mom's Choice Award-winning series!

Jerry's Mystery
#3 in the award-winning series
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers / Fiction


Silver Award Winner for ages 9-12

5 x 8
108 pages
23 line drawings

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humiliation, revenge, humor, inspiration—all come

into play with the new guy in Jerry's 7th grade class.

Fox is smooth and slick, and the girls adore him. He

has dishonest intentions for Suzy—and she's falling

for it!

Jerry has money now, but needs Wilcox more than

ever—to help him find his higher self's guidance in

meeting these mighty challenges. As their telepathy

grows strong, Jerry learns more about how his mind

works and his soul's mysterious presence and power

in his life.

Sprinkle in a few past life memories, some paranormal

activity, and the big showdown with Fox in the Haunted

House, and you're right in the midst of #3 in Jerry's

Mom's Choice Award-winning adventures (following

Jerry's Magic and Jerry's Madness).

See below and also in "Excerpts & Info" box above

for links to all of Jerry's other entertaining adventures.

The series order is:

Jerry's Magic
Jerry's Madness
Jerry's Mystery
Jerry's Mastery
Jerry's Magnificence



About W.W. Rowe

W.W. Rowe lives in Sedona, Arizona, with his

artist-writer wife Eleanor. He received a B.A.

from Harvard and a Ph.D. from NYU, where he

taught Russian and Comparative Literature.

His publications include seven volumes of literary

criticism and numerous children's stories.