Toltec I Ching 2.0?

The Open Secret I Ching
The Diviner's Journey and the Road to Freedom
by William Douglas Horden
I Ching / I Ching Studies


8.5 x 11
310 pages

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If The Toltec I Ching were an archeological dig, The 

Open Secret I Ching is the artifact uncovered. Bringing

together all the original material that eventually formed

the vision of The Toltec I Ching, The Open Secret I Ching

provides a firmer understanding of the dynamics leading

to the re-ordering of the ancient book of divination.

Even more anti-authoritarian than The Toltec I Ching, The

Open Secret I Ching examines all the archetypal situations

facing the Spirit of the Age and advises on strategies and

tactics by which free-living people can avoid being dominated

by those who would rule them. This book is Volume Six in

the author's Researches on the Toltec I Ching series.