An updated and revised edition of Essays on the Quest

Instructions for Spiritual Living

by Paul Brunton
Spirituality / Self-help


6 x 9

253 pages

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Description from PBPF:

No matter where we are in our spiritual development, we all have questions

that need clarification about our practice and what we are experiencing—both

the challenges and openings. We need trustworthy answers that go deeper

than those available in the many general books on the inner life, useful though

they may be.

Paul Brunton provides instructions to guide one’s development in three fundamental

areas of the spiritual path: meditation, self-examination, and the unfolding of

awakening. Guiding you with insight and care through each stage of meditation,

including advanced states that deepen one’s inner life, he explains how meditation

is the art and practice of introverting attention, of freeing oneself for a period of

time from thoughts, sensations, and feelings and allowing the soul to reveal itself

out of the quiet that one has created. He explains the goal of each meditative stage

and the obstacles you are likely to face, and he examines the need for spiritual

dependency on any particular guru, teaching, or practice, showing that following

your intuition can bring spiritual success.

   Exploring the process of self-examination and emotional purification, Brunton

shows how life’s challenges are moments by which we can make real progress in

our surrender to a higher life. He reveals how to break free from the ego, follow

your intuition to align with your ideals, and tap into the inspiration flowing from

within. He also examines the development of transcendental insight, the cornerstone

of compassionate wisdom in action, which allows us to become a source of inspiration

to all we encounter.

   Comprised of writings received by the Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation after his

death, this guide offers transformative wisdom to aid our understanding of what the

spiritual journey entails, help point the way when the way is uncertain, and learn and

grow from the challenges that arise as you develop spiritually.

Early Praise

"A truly comprehensive and authoritative work that should be read by sincere

seekers and advanced adepts alike. Paul Brunton's work demonstrates a real

mastery of the intricacies of spiritual life. His sagely conclusions on a number

of key topics rarely covered elsewhere in spiritual literature provide an important

contribution to our contemporary understanding of awakening and enlightenment.

. . . We are very fortunate that his writings are available."

      —Stephen D'Amico, author of Heaven on Earth and The Incredible State of

Absolute Nothingness

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