A suspense-filled story of love and spiritual awakening

The Magdalene Gates
A Novella
by Richard Geldard
Fiction / Religion


6 x 9
148 pages

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Description 1

“This is the book my soul has been thirsting for . . ."

—Mirabai Starr

The Magdalene Gates
is a suspense-filled love story and

a spiritual mystery novella, set mainly in Athens, Ephesus

(the resting place of Mary) and Crete.

Mysteriously attractive, it centers on Maia and Tonio’s

discovery of long-buried Magdalene letters—threads in a

teaching Jesus entrusted to Mary Magdalene as the most

advanced of his disciples. Intrigue surrounds this

potentially earth-shaking discovery as a growing love

brings spiritual awakening and new life to both characters.

Through his relationship with Maia and her contemporary

family of seekers immersed in Mary’s anti-institutional

teachings, Tonio is initiated into a spiritual practice that

leads toward spiritual maturity and enlightened

consciousness through nine levels of development,

or Gates. (see also description 1a)

Description 1a

Maia Spiros is a highly intelligent, physically attractive, and spiritually compelling

young woman―part of a colorful family of three generations devoted to profound

but suppressed teachings that Mary Magdalene received as Jesus’ most intimate

and most advanced disciple.

One day, guiding a group of students through the Theater of Dionysus in Athens,

Greece, she sees a young man standing on the Acropolis wall above the theater,

apparently immobilized by his vision of her. Somehow she knows: He is the person

her mother’s dreams foresee, who will help them discover and translate important

and long-missing letters of Magdalene that a recent earthquake has made findable.

She welcomes the American grad student’s awkward advances, with uncanny

certainty that her mother’s dreams will again prove accurate, as they always do.

But she and Tonio must hurry. And Maia knows she may not survive . . .

Their story that follows, the teachings it is grounded in, and the several other

interesting characters who help unfold this mysteriously attractive novella carry

•    a positive, hopeful message
•    a refreshing look to humanity’s possible future in our confusing and often dark time
•    a transformed image of the New Testament feminine and of how Jesus empowered women
•    a glimpse of opening to a new way of viewing and being in the world

Early Praise

“This is the book my soul has been thirsting for.  Ever

since I encountered the fragmented, mysterious and

luminous Gospel of Mary, I have yearned for those

missing pages to turn up.  In The Magdalene Gates,

esoteric scholar Richard G. Geldard masterfully fills

in the blanks, weaving his own potent understanding

of Mary Magdalene’s wisdom teachings with a gripping

mystery and a moving love story.  The result is a novel

I couldn’t put down, and which has somehow funda-

mentally changed me.  Highly recommended.

—Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce

and Tender Mercy of the Women Mystics and translator

of Dark Night of the Soul: John of the Cross

“Set in Greece, against an authentic historical, philosophical

and religious backdrop, Geldard weaves a tantalizing tale of

love, mystery and spiritual awakening that probes ancient

Christian scrolls to synthesize the wisdom traditions of East

and West. Particularly inspiring is the spiritual development

of the young hero Tonio who abandons a conventional aca-

demic career to follow his beloved, and wise, Maia into an

uncommon life of service to a world in need of spiritual

reformation and healing. A well-crafted novella of power

and emotional depth.” 

—Lyla Yastion, author of Pause Now: Handbook for a Spiritual

Revolution and Homesick: Finding Our Way Back to a Healthy