The second adventure of the award-winning trilogy

Eedoo II
Book II of the Eedoo Trilogy
Invaders from Blore
by W.W. Rowe
Young Readers


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June 27

5.5 x 8.5
127 pages
25 b/w illustrations

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As this second Eedoo adventure begins, Sharoo is a national

hero: grateful for her fame, fortune, favor with the royal

family, her family’s splendid new home near the castle, the

new school with nicer teachers and stylish new green

uniforms, and much more. She’s even teaching a popular

meditation class.

But her papa is drinking too much, starting early in the day.

And Eedoo (the timeless inner presence that guides her)

warns of “a surprise in the sky” . . . more dangerous than

anything before.

Her friend Milli saw a glowing red saucer hovering high

above Plash (her exotic planet in a parallel universe),

appearing and disappearing (“blinking”) mysteriously.

First a lizard suddenly vanishes as she’s tickling it. Then

a dolphin cloud disappears. Then a cow and three prize

scruffbirds. Then she and Milli notice that some people

are acting very strangely.

Eedoo eventually helps Sharoo unlock the mystery, and

teaches her about Mindmake—how our minds create what

we see. With that knowledge and some tools from the

powerful witch Zaura, Sharoo hopes to outwit the hideous

shape-shifting invaders from Blore.

This time it’s not only her home country of Broan that’s at

stake, but the whole planet of Plash!

Early Praise

Just finished reading Book II of the Eedoo trilogy with

a sense of relief and fulfillment in my mind, wonder in

my imagination, joy in my heart, and a smile on my face.

Oh, how I enjoyed my visit again to the planet Plash!

How could I not relish mango pancakes and zingberry

tea for breakfast and a stroll past the laffodils giggling,

and dolphin clouds frolicking as flutterbys flit festively


That’s all well and delightful, but we all know a good

story needs conflict and suspense, and that mysterious

Red Eye in the sky provides both.

The Eedoo books are two of my favorites. One reason

is our Silver Dragon heroine Sharoo, who has already

saved her parallel universe once (in Book I). This time

the peril may be even more challenging. Sharoo is a

wonderful young girl, and courageous.  Even more

appealing is her spirituality. With the help of her ‘floater’

Eedoo, she advances on the path to enlightenment. She

not only meditates faithfully but teaches her fellow

students to meditate. My favorite thing about her is

that she accepts when Eedoo doesn’t give her all the

answers but goes on to figure things out herself.

The confrontation scene with the fake king and queen

is full of suspense and danger, and the excitement of

seeing Sharoo outmaneuver with quick thinking the

Red Eye morphers’ attempt to enslave and eat the

Plash population. The happy ending ensures equity

and compassion for all!   –K.H., advance reader