"Visions is wonderful. I love it very much." —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Visions of God from the Near Death Experience

by Ken R. Vincent
Near Death / Inspiration


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168 pages
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Many inspiring and straightforward visions of God, afterlife, and values for living come throughy near-death experiences. In gathering together spiritual highlights of many such experiences, Ken Vincent does a real service for people who want quick access to "the good stuff."

On left-hand pages: a single quote from scripture or inspired literature. On the right: firsthand contemporary accounts of the same inspiration as experienced in near-death. Illustrated throughout with prints by Gustav Doré.

The result: A highly inspirational book that gently reminds us how much we already know.

Reviews, endorsements

"A fine, useful, and enlightening volume." —Dr. Raymond Moody

"Visions is wonderful. I love it very much." —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

About Ken Vincent

Ken Vincent is a research member of the International Association of Near Death Studies. He lives in Houston, Texas, teaches psychology at Houston Community College, and is an adjunct professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Vincent, his wife Pam, and son Ken attend Emerson Unitarian Church.