Fourteen favorite interviews

At the Leading Edge
New Visions of Science, Spirituality, and Society
by Michael Toms
New Paradigm / Spirituality


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Excerpts & Info


New Dimensions Radio has for years offered an exciting model for exploring ideas and hopeful visions in a spirit of open dialogue on national public radio. Its programs celebrate life and the human spirit while challenging the mind to open to fresh possibilities.

New Dimensions has featured hundreds of leading thinkers, creative artists, scientists, and cultural innovators. The entire staff took part in choosing these fourteen favorite interviews as representive of what New Dimensions does best.

Though many of these interviews go back thirty years, they are still well ahead of the curve for most of us (big surprise!). Some take on particular interest in light of how the interviewee's work has evolved.

Interviews include:

   Huston Smith
   Matthew Fox
   Rupert Sheldrake
   Merlin Stone
   David Bohm
   Ram Dass
   Joan Halifax
   Joseph Chilton Pearce
   Willis Harman
   Marsha Sinetar 
   Robert Fuller
   Andrew Bard Schmookler
   Henryk Skolomowski
   Patricia Sun