A pain-free body for spiritual living

Constructive Awareness
Alexander Technique and the Spiritual Quest
by Daniel McGowan
Spiritual Life / Mindbodywork / Alexander Technique


5.5 x 8.5, paperback
112 pages

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Here's what many spiritual seekers have called "a cup of water in the desert of theory."  McGowan develops his perception of how the body's "here and now" can enhance the development spiritual awareness. His method combines Alexander Technique with the Ramana Maharshi/Paul Brunton (mentalistic) perspective on spiritual development.

McGowan, a teacher of Alexander teachers, here focuses on how a proper head-neck-back relationship heightens moment-to-moment awareness of the unity of mind-body-world. He expands this discussion to explore how a pain-free body serves as a springboard for attaining high spiritual aspirations.