Toltec wisdom—I Ching oracle

The Toltec I Ching
64 Keys to Inspired Action in the New World
by Martha Ramirez-Oropeza and William Douglas Horden
Happiness / Self-Development / Spiritual Life


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296 matte-coated pages
64 full-page color images
smythe-sewn paperback

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Definitely NOT just another I Ching, The Toltec  

I Ching is genuinely new—specifically developed

for our time, our circumstances. Readers im-

pressed by practical wisdom books such as

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

or Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior books will

find it an excellent supporter of their efforts,

as will I Ching aficionados and people of hope


The authors draw from common sources of

both the traditional I Ching and the pre-Hispanic

Central American traditions that produced the

sacred calendar expiring in 2012.  Their lucid,

accessible text, greatly enhanced with powerful

full-color indigenous images, reunites and

synergizes two powerful oracular traditions

that developed independently in the east and

the west for two millennia.  The result is an

easy-to-consult new oracular resource that

distills archetypal lessons of both hemispheres

for motivation, hope, and practical guidance in

the new One-World of our day.

“We come into this world with an innate sense

of rightness and find ourselves instructed from

all sides to replace it with a form of practicality

that keeps the mistakes of the past alive. . . .

When the outer world is so far out of balance

and harmony with itself, how are we to find

balance and harmony between it and the inner

world of the soul?”  —from the introduction

The Toltec I Ching
is new, mysterious, and

powerful. It evokes the balance of masculine

and feminine energies our bewildering times

demand—for hope, creativity, and deep guidance.

It can help you

• Thrive amidst injustice with integrity

• Master self-defeating attitudes

  • Develop Better Intuition

  • Anticipate Change

  • Adapt in a Timely Manner

  • Enrich & Ennoble Relationships

  • Increase Good Fortune

  • Harmonize with What's around You

  • Create a Positive Influence on Others

  • Understand Unchanging Forces within Change

When you have to choose, and the way ahead

with dignity is not clear, this easy-to-consult

new resource can be a valuable ally.

Sourced from common roots of ancient

Chinese and pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican

traditions, it distills and updates perennial

human lessons for motivation, hope, and

shared good fortune in modern life-situations.

Symbolic indigenous images and lucid text

energize, harmonize, and integrate the in-

quirer’s feminine and masculine natures—

providing an accessible, refreshing alterna-

tive to the masculine/aristocratic biases of

previous I Chings.

This breakthrough book's new sequence of

hexagrams is specifically designed to help

individuals cultivate wise inner responses

to circumstances beyond their control.

In these uncertain times, The Toltec I Ching

can be a helpful tool for people who may need

to reinvent themselves or their situations, or

who want to help others do one or both—or

who simply want better guidance and deeper

understanding of how to engage the emerging

global perspectives driving widespread change.

About the authors

Martha Ramirez-Oropeza is a mural painter,

a performer in popular theater, and a researcher

/ lecturer of the Nahuatl pre-Hispanic codices of

Mexico. She was vice-director of the Mascarones

Theatre Group for 32 years, and designed and

co-founded the Nahuatl University pyramid

campus in Ocotepec, Morelos, Mexico. She

apprenticed under master muralist David A.

Siqueiros, Guillermo Monroy in the Fine Arts

Institute, and, more recently, under Chicana

muralist Judith F. Baca. She conducts inter-

national Nahuatl Culture seminars in Mexico

and lectures at the University of California,

Los Angeles. She is also an artist in residence

at the Social and Public Art Resource Center

(SPARC) in Venice, California, and is a per-

forming and visual arts teacher for children

in a Spanish total immersion school in Santa

Monica, California.

William Douglas Horden has researched

indigenous divinatory systems of ancient China

and Mexico with passion and independence

since 1969. He is steeped in the shamanic world

view from living in the Copper Canyon of Mexico

with the Tarahumara Indians and in numerous

other indigenous communities over the past

few decades. William was initially trained in

the I Ching by Master Khigh Alix Dhiegh and

has since developed a fresh new approach to

the ancient art. He currently lives in Roseburg,

Oregon and Coatepec, Mexico.


Early praise

The Toltec I Ching does an incredible job

 addressing the collective human experience

of psychological defeat—and the Spirit Warrior’s

task of restoring personal power and transforming

that dream. It will help many people move ‘away

from the Old World of force and competition

toward the New World of ethics and cooperation.’

Combining the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs and

the Chinese is a beautiful way to show the power

of these truths, and serve the urgent need for

change in our modern world. Many individuals,

and thus our entire culture, will respond and

benefit from this message . . .”

—Allan Hardman, Toltec Master and author of
The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book

“Ramirez-Oropeza and Horden present a synthesis

of oracular traditions. . . . The result is a beautiful

pictorial-based guide that advises on intention

and action for dealing with present and changing

situations. They imbue philosophy with action,

and intention with point of view, so you can plot

your course and wrestle with your own destiny.”

—Robert L. Spencer, author, The Craft of the

The Toltec I Ching is a wedding of two

ancient traditions that speaks to the New

World view of balance and harmony that all

of us are called to embrace. Through its

stunning artwork and lucid text, this book

inspires us to see more clearly, live more

creatively, and love more fully. I highly

recommend it to all those seeking to under-

stand the wisdom of the ancients and put it

into daily practice.”

—Ray Dodd, author, The Power of Belief


Indigenous images (selection)


Hexagram 9 The Toltec I Ching: Uprooting Fear

Hexagram 13 The Toltec I Ching: Concentrating Attention

Hexagram 20 The Toltec I Ching: Entering Service

Hexagram 29 The Toltec I Ching: Sustaining Resilience

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