Practical and inspiring!

This Hungry Spirit
Your need for basic goodness
by C. Clinton Sidle
Success / Happiness / Self-Development



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“In This Hungry Spirit, Clint Sidle offers

profound and practical heart advice of great

use for anyone hankering for a more fulfilling


—Daniel Goleman, author, Emotional



Basic goodness is the treasure of your


It connects you with your world in ways that

wake you up and feel good. To create a new

reality, says leadership guru Clint Sidle—

whether at work, in relationships, or in your

spiritual life—you simply must find and come

from this relaxed, stronger place.

Basic goodness is the one thing that leads to

• Confidence

• Happiness

• Success

• Work that you love

• Leading well

• Making a difference

• Connecting genuinely with others

• Satisfying relationships (including romantic)

• Letting go of old issues

• Creating new possibilities

• Becoming your best possible self

• A meaningful, considered life

Basic goodness is the source of joy, interest,

gratitude, enthusiasm—all that makes you feel

best about yourself and others.

It awakens a trust in yourself that has magic

in it. It inspires choices that serve the best you

possible. When you come from basic goodness,

the world responds in kind.

Not knowing it’s in you is like mistaking a

precious gem in your pocket for an ordinary


Basic goodness opens you, broadens your

view, connects you with others, and engages

your natural talents with the world’s needs.

This Hungry Spirit is about how you can find it,

nurture it, and watch it nourish every aspect of

your life.

“I know there is a hunger in you,” Sidle begins,

“longing to be filled. Just stop and look for a

moment, and you will find it. You feel it don’t

you? You may be successful, yet still you strive.

You may be wealthy, yet still you seek gain.

You may be loved, yet you still wander. Where

does this discontent begin? There is always

something missing. What do you so long for?”

Becoming an effective human being, Sidle

teaches, is less about mastering certain skills

than about fostering a certain attitude in yourself

and others. To show how to live that attitude in a

real, practical, and convincing way, he skillfully

connects themes not brought together in books

focusing on happiness or success or leadership




Table of Contents, Exercises


Introduction: This Hungry Spirit

Part One: The Lesser and Greater Spirit

1 The Grip of the Lesser Spirit: How You Limit Yourself

Your hungry spirit . . . Is guided by your mental

models . . . Those models are shaped by your

mental chatter . . . Most of that chatter is

about you . . . But the models are not real . . .

And they can cause problems

     They are self-limiting

     They cause stress

     They make problems in relationships

     They separate us from ourselves

2 The Freedom of the Greater Spirit: You Can

Choose another Way

You can change your mental models . . . Where

you suffer often gives the clue . . . Yet choosing

is still difficult . . . You first must find your

basic goodness . . . What is this basic goodness,

really? . . . When you find it, you find not only

happiness but also success

Part Two: Discovering the Basic Goodness

of the Greater Spirit: New Mental Models for



3 Wake Up

Make reflection a habit . . . Seek feedback . . .

Meditate for insight . . . Exercise regularly . . .

Keep a journal . . . Cultivate mindfulness

4 Follow Your Bliss

Play to your strengths . . . Serve your purpose

. . . Craft the work you do to you until you find

work you love (or come close) . . . Learn to learn

. . . When in doubt, return to your purpose

5 Treat People as People

Honor the “Thou” . . . Use dialogue . . . Embrace

the beloved . . . Develop your support team . . .

Forgive with courage

6 Work the Law of Cause and Effect

Magnetize your intention . . . Appreciate your

world . . . Turn problems into opportunities . . .

Behave into new ways of being . . . Give

generously . . . Follow the signs

7 Be Heroic

Reap the lessons of adversity . . . Turn fear into

an ally . . . Push your edge . . . Don’t try to


8 Enjoy the Ride

Appendix: Identify your strengths—The

Leadership Wheel Assessment



Table of Exercises

Chapter 1

Exercise 1: Identifying your mental models

Exercise 2: Watching your mental chatter

Exercise 3: How much do you doubt?

Exercise 4: What is your wound? (The Lifeline Activity)

Exercise 5: Loosening your mental models

Exercise 6: Assessing your work

Exercise 7: What are your defenses?

Exercise 8: Looking at a difficult relationship

Exercise 9: What makes you happiest?

Exercise 10: Who am I?


Chapter 2

Exercise 11: Working with your defenses

Exercise 12: Find your repeated patterns

Exercise 13: What opens and closes you?

Exercise 14: Moving to an other-centered world

Exercise 15: Tasting basic goodness

Chapter 3

Exercise 16: Creating reflective space

Exercise 17: Feedback bombardment

Exercise 18: Meditation

Exercise 19: Journaling

Exercise 20: Walking with mindfulness

Chapter 4

Exercise 21: Identify your talents and strengths

Exercise 22: Discovering your purpose

Exercise 23: Rejuvenating your work

Exercise 24: Your ideal job

Chapter 5

Exercise 25: How you treat others

Exercise 26: Listening

Exercise 27: Reframing a difficult relationship

Exercise 28: Working with regret

Exercise 29: Using dialogue

Exercise 30: Re-inventing your relationship

Exercise 31: Develop your circle

Exercise 32: Forgiving

Chapter 6

Exercise 33: Appreciation activities

Exercise 34: From Victim to Victor

Exercise 35: Happiness triggers

Exercise 36: Tracking synchronicity

Chapter 7

Exercise 37: The Heroic Journey

Exercise 38: Turn fears into breakthroughs

Exercise 39: Stretch yourself

Advance Praise

“In This Hungry Spirit, Clint Sidle offers profound

and practical heart advice of great use for anyone

hankering for a more fulfilling life.”

—Daniel Goleman, author, Emotional Intelligence


This Hungry Spirit is inspiring and original—a

creative and deeply satisfying look into what

being happy and effective really involves.

Blending fresh perspectives on life, leadership,

and spirituality with personal stories and practi-

cal hands-on tools, Clint helps each of us find

our unique path to a fulfilling and meaningful


—Annie McKee, co-author, Primal Leadership and

Resonant Leadership; Founder, Teleos

Leadership Institute

“Clint Sidle has written a superb and insightful

work designed to guide those seeking to be

better leaders and better people. The best

leaders in today’s hectic world take time to

understand themselves and they seek to fulfill

themselves as well. Clint provides the clearest

and deepest manner to achieve these goals that

I have read.”

—Anthony C. Zinni, US Marine Corps retired

four-star general, former CENTCOM chairman,

and Middle East negotiator for President Bill


“Leadership success and living with real purpose

both start with self-awareness. Through com-

pelling stories and practical, engaging exercises,

Clint Sidle challenges and inspires us to know

ourselves, find our passions, and act on them.”

—John Ryan, President and CEO, Center for

Creative Leadership; Admiral, US Navy (ret);

Commandant, US Naval Academy (ret);

former Chancellor of the State University of

New York


About the author

C. CLINTON SIDLE is director of the prestigious

Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program in the

Johnson School of Management at Cornell

University and a top consultant in strategic

change, leadership, executive coaching, and

developing human potential. His leadership

programs at Cornell and elsewhere have

earned national recognition. He has worked

with Fortune 500 companies, state and local

educational systems, and some of the nation’s

leading universities and non-profit organizations.

Clint is also the author of two earlier books:

High Impact Tools and Techniques for Strategic

Planning (McGraw Hill, 1998) in collaboration

with Rod Napier and Pat Sanaghan, and The

Leadership Wheel: Five Steps to Achieving

Personal and Organizational Greatness

(Palgrave Macmillan (2005).

He lives in Ithaca, New York, and may be

contacted through his Web site:

Video of Clint in action

Click on the arrows in the eClips below for

brief, continuous segments of an interactive

lecture/discussion of leadership qualities,

including: the four C's of leadership, the im-

portance of self-awareness and optimism,

knowing your strengths and weaknesses,

and more.


Part 1- Leadership Qualities, 03:59


Part 2- 4 Cs of Leadership - Confidence, Candor, Courage, and Compassion, 02:56


Part 3- Anthropological Background of Leadership Wheel, 05:54


Part 4- The Teacher Archetype of the Leadership Wheel, 02:55


Part 5- The Nurturer Archetype of the Leadership Wheel, 01:57


Part 6- The Visionary Archetype of the Leadership Wheel, 02:35


Part 7- The Warrior Archetype of the Leadership Wheel, 02:34


Part 8- Each Person is Born with a Leadership Archetype but Grows towards Completion through Life, 01:07

Part 9- Anyone Can Be a Leader as Long as They Know their Strengths and Weaknesses, 01:57



Part 10- Definition of Sage on Leadership Wheel, 02:25


Part 11- Importance of Self-Awareness and Optimism as a Leader, 03:09


Part 12- Changes in Leadership Style as You Mature, 01:03



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