"Perfect mix of entertainment and instruction."

Winter Break
A Luminous Journey into Wisdom and Love
by Astrid Fitzgerald


6 x 9
384 pages

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Deep in the snows of the Swiss Alps during

her winter break, young Caroline Stillhart

enters a mysterious world in which a master

teacher, a woman of wisdom and insight,

reveals to her the true nature of human

being and the universe. Caroline experiences

an awakening of the heart, mind, and

consciousness as she meets the love of her

life and with new-found understanding

encounters a seriesof challenges and surprising

adventures. Winter Break is a fast-paced novel

that also provides thoughtful and reflective

guidance for a self-reliant, useful, and happy life.

About Astrid Fitzgerald

Astrid Fitzgerald is a fine artist, a writer,

and a passionate student of the perrenial

wisdom tradition and Advaita philosophy

and has applied its principles to her life

and art for more than forty years. She is

the author of An Artist's Book of Inspiration

(Lindisfarne, 1996) and Being Consciousness

Bliss (Lindisfarne, 2001).

Fitzgerald's writing is based on a fusion of

Eastern and Western thought and a practice

of self-development, self-inquiry, and reflection. 

She is a member of the Society for the Study

of the Human Being, Inc., in New York City.


"Winter Break, on one level, is a classic

coming-of-age story. The heroine undergoes

a series of trials which form her character.

But Fitzgerald sets the bar higher, moving

from the ethical to the metaphysical. Her

novel investigates a much-neglected facet

of adolescence—an appetite for the spiritual

and an openness to it. Fast-paced, suspenseful,

and inspiring, Winter Break is the perfect mix

of entertainment and instruction."

—Ann Arensberg, author of Incubus and Sister Wolf

"This book is written in such a way that each

scene becomes memorable—the stunning

descriptions of the snowy slopes of Switzerland,

a love story sensitively told, and clear spiritual

insights. Winter Break is a pleasure to read

and a reminder that there is a way of living and

being open to young people that is not only

different from what is often practiced but is

also life-enhancing and ultimately joyful. 

—Katharine Le Mée, author of Chant and The

Benedictine Gift to Music.

"Winter Break is a captivating mystical tale

that will appeal to readers of all ages. Fitzgerald

deftly makes even the most sophisticated

spiritual mysteries accessible to seekers of

every level. Bit if what you're seeking is simply

a great story, you've found it. A delight! Enjoy."  

—Deborah Medenbach, writer/yoga teacher