Exciting Fantasy/Fiction!

Molly O'Brien and the
Mark of the Dragon Slayer

by Kathleen Damiani


6 x 9

272 pages

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“Beyond the world we know is another
realm. Kathleen Damiani unfolds the
mysterious wisdom of Sophia with
joyful exploration.”

—Caitlín Matthews, author of
   Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

Molly O’Brien is a new kind of

young heroine—who learns the

power of Woman to disrupt the

sinister momentum of dark energies

and nurture ones that serve what’s

precious in life. We first meet her

briefly at age eight, when she “just

can’t take it anymore” and is about

to do something perilous. An inexplicable

encounter with a strange creature in a

tree changes her perspective, leaving a

fresh “mark of the dragon slayer” on

her wounded thigh that destines her for

high adventure (and at least five more


The story resumes when Molly is fourteen,

shortly before the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Sophia, the strange and beautiful “woman”

with a long tail and hooved feet reappears

after a long absence, eager for Molly to join

her on a dangerous mission in the realm

between the worlds—where the circumstances

of earth life as we know it are formed.

Together they embark on a series of adventures

designed to prepare Molly for her true destiny—

battling the Great Dragon that encircles our

planet as the crystallized thought-forms of

humanity’s past, now controlled by the demon


Their first battle with Ialdaboath is successful,

easing the tension of the Missile Crisis enough

for Kennedy and Krushchev to make a deal.

Molly’s middle-realm initiations continue from

there in a variety of adventures—ranging from

a romantic interest in a powerful sage's disciplined

assistant, to uplifting visions in the Women’s

Temple and the Hall of Philosophy, to a life-and-

death struggle with Mephistopheles who tricks

Molly into a drop of blood “signature” in his

Book of Magic . . . and long periods of exile

back to earth.

Molly is a healthy, inquisitive young woman

who ultimately learns to navigate and balance

her magical and mundane realities, and find

the core strength her destiny requires. Various

beings from biblical, alchemical, and esoteric

tradition, as well as allegorical fiction figure into

her training. Sophia emerges under a variety

of names as the deep feminine nature that can

guide women (and men willing to learn) to their

own soul powers and the wisdom of how to

engage them in service to life’s higher possibilities.

About the Author

Kathleen Damiani

Kathleen Damiani, PhD, has been

researching, writing, and speaking

about Sophia since 1985.  She completed

interdisciplinary graduate programs at

Old Dominion University and Union Institute

and University, earning her PhD in 1998. 

Her talks and writings on Sophia, the dragon,

and alchemical and Gnostic themes are at

sophiaandthedragon.com. This is her first

adventure with fiction.