About William A. Anthony & Camille W. Anthony

When Bill Anthony (now retired) wasn't napping or writing about napping, he spent his waking hours as a professor at Boston University, where he was Executive Director of the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. In addition to The Art of Napping, he has at least another forty publications, has won several awards (including the Outstanding Psychologist Award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) and makes presentations throughout the world.

Camille Anthony is a former fiscal manager and business instructor, a successful local politician, a financial consultant, and perhaps the quintessential workplace napper. Her very public endorsement of workplace napping resulted in her being filmed napping by the Today show and Good Morning America Sunday. In addition, Camille has been interviewed by Self Magazine, CNN, and local radio and newspapers for information and personal accounts concerning the issue of napping at the workplace.

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