About Daniel McGowan

Danny's involvement with the Alexander Technique goes back to 1976 when he had his first lesson in Glasgow, Scotland. From then until 1980 he had regular lessons with Jeanne and Aksel Haahr who studied under Walter Carrington in London. Walter Carrington studied under F.M Alexander and took over F.M’s training course after he passed away in 1955.

From September 1980 to July 1983, Danny undertook the three-year training course for teachers at the Alexander Technique Training Centre (A.T.T.C) in Dartington, England. Jeanne and Aksel Haahr were the Directors of this centre, which was run in association with Dartington College of Arts.

In July of 1983, he qualified as a teacher and started teaching immediately. He gladly accepted was a post Jeanne and Aksel offered him as a teacher at the A.T.T.C. and began work there in September 1983.  Since then he have always been a training-course teacher.

For more information about Danny and his continuing work as Head of Training at The Centre for Constructive Awareness and Related Education (C.C.A.R.E.) in Devon, UK, visit his website.

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