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David Dasarath Davidson, a.k.a. Dasa or Let (Davidson), received his Ph.D. in history from Yale in 1970 and taught Latin American History at Cornell for six years. He left Cornell in 1973 to devote himself to the study of the perennial philosophies, joining a spiritual community in West Danby, New York, to immerse himself in a life of simplicity, devotion, and the letting go of anything that distracted from a direct experience of the sacred. In the ensuing years, he continued to study and practice with masters in Zen, Vipassana, Yoga, and Advaita Vedanta, as well as with Werner Erhard.

Dasa's five-year association with Advaita Master Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), who gave him the name Dasarath in 1992, radically transformed his sense of identity and his work. From that time forward, Dasa focused on sharing a direct approach to being awake in the workplace.

In 1980, Dasa launched a training, consulting, and coaching business. He maintained a private counseling practice for a decade, and then as Director of Transformation Workshops and President of Mastery Training & Consulting gave hundreds of seminars on empowerment and high performance, stress and change management, team-building, meditation and spiritual development throughout the U.S. and Europe. His regular corporate clients included Corning Incorporated, Cornell University, and Harbin Hot Springs Conference & Retreat Center, in addition to a wide range of hospitals, small businesses, and school districts. He served on the faculty of The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and taught at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Dasa's work at Corning, Incorporated, was the culmination of his professional life. Whether providing insight and leadership on work dynamics, guiding individuals as a mentor and coach, or leading Wisdom at Work retreats, he provided hundreds in the US and Europe with a direct experience of how an awakened consciousness can transform the workplace. To preserve his legacy of enlightened leadership, the Science and Technology group at Corning created and named a section of its library in his honor.

In addition to Wisdom at Work (Larson Publications), he wrote Freedom Dreams, Gamble Everything for Love, and The Nine Lives of Fidel Castro.

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