About William Douglas Horden

William Douglas Horden is the author of more than a dozen books relating to divination and spirituality. He continues the tradition of passing along the teachings he received from an I Ching master and a Tarahumara shaman. The Toltec I Ching, co-authored by the muralist Martha Ramirez-Oropeza, combines the the two wisdom traditions of ancient China and pre-Columbian Mexico in an exciting new rendition of the Taoist oracle. A series of "Researches on the Toltec I Ching" flesh out its symbolic and philosophical system and include the breakthrough study of I Ching Mathematics. The author's spiritual biography, In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner, recounts the teachers and teachings that shaped his experience of the World Soul as the living intelligence informing and guiding all things from within. Its companion volume, Way of the Diviner, was released a year later, in the Fall of 2016. The Five Emanations and The Spiritual Basis of Good Fortune are two small volumes that detail practices the author received from his experience with dying. Taken together, the two books offer a course in mental and soulic training as part of the path of sudden enlightenment.

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