About Gillian Pederson-Krag

Gillian Pederson-Krag grew up in New York City and attended classes at the Art Students' League. She studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design after spending a year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. In 1963, she received an MFA degree from Cornell University. She has taught at Cornell University, Dartmouth College, and at the Queens College summer program, and has served as a visiting critic at numerous colleges and universities including Swarthmore College, Vassar College, Boston University, yracuse University, Indiana University, and the Universities of Iowa and New Hampshire. She has won numerous awards and her work has been exhibited widely in prestigious venues throughout the USA. Gillian has cultivated a lifelong interest in spirituality. Her painting and etchings are direct expressions of her quest of depth and beauty. Teachers who have influenced her profoundly are Joseph Campbell, Francis Lucille, and Paul Brunton to whom this book is dedicated.

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