Rays of hope and healing . . .

The Gift of Grace
Awakening to Its Presence
by Paul Brunton
Spirituality / Inspiration


Compiled and edited by
Sam Cohen

5 x 7.5
144 pages

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Does grace exist?

How can we know if we’re fooling ourselves

about it, one way or the other?

This hopeful and nourishing selection of

quotes from Paul Brunton’s most mature

writings penetrates layers of superstition

and cynicism and takes us to the core of

the matter.

Readers learn:

  • Ways to think about Grace
  • Ways to invite Grace   
  • Ways to engage the mystery of its arisal
  • Ways to respond to Grace
  • How Grace heals helps and guides us
  • Ways Grace is transmitted
  • Ways to surrender control to its leading

“Grace fulfills the law of the individual mind’s effort

by complementing it with the law of the Universal

Mind’s activity inside the individual.”

Paul Brunton and Sam Cohen

Paul Brunton (1898–1981) is revered internationally

as one of the 20th century’s finest students of the

world’s sacred wisdom teachings, with a genius for

expressing subtle truths in plain and simple language.

Sam Cohen has been a scholar of his writings for more

than forty years and is a director of the Paul Brunton

Philosophic Foundation.

Table of Contents


  1  A Sense of Grace: What it is and isn’t

  2  Grace Is Here for All—Are We Ready for It?

  3  Grace in Religious Contexts

  4  Its Mysterious Arising

  5  Letting Grace In

  6  Grace Brings What We Need

  7  Ways Grace Can Be Transmitted

  8  Grace and Ego

  9  Self-Effort and Grace

10  Compassion and Forgiveness

11  Surrender

12  Spiritual Awareness

13  Grace and World Crisis

14  Essay: The Progressive Stages of the Quest