Perpetual calendar for important dates, people, events

The Wisdom of Paul Brunton Day by Day
Perpetual Calendar/ Daybook / Birthday Book
by Paul Brunton


7 x 6, 112 pages
Coated paper
Sewn hardcover
52 dazzling photos

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A beautiful and useful gift for yourself or someone

you love! Just like the people, events, and recurring

dates you cherish, this perpetual calendar / daybook

never goes out of date or style: Vast natural vistas and

uplifting quotes, plenty of room to help your brain re-

member what your heart values day in, day out, year

after year.

This is an elegantly produced 7” by 6” hardcover book,

divided into 52 weeks: Left pages have dazzling photos

by Haji Mahmood (Classic Vision Photography); facing

right pages have uplifting or consoling quotes from Paul

Brunton and a generous amount of space to record the

important information you want to remember year in,

year out.


About the Author

Paul Brunton has inspired millions of readers worldwide

for three generations with non-denominational words of

wisdom and spiritual guidance. For more information

about this remarkable man, click here.