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The Short Path to Enlightenment
Instructions for Immediate Awakening
by Paul Brunton
Short Path / Spiritual Life



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". . . Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra

and let it open your eyes to eternity." —Adyashanti

In transparent, jargon-free language, Paul Brunton

makes truly accessible the essence of modern and

traditional sudden-awakening teachings (Advaita,

Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, etc.). He calls them

“Short Path” teachings: A simple recognition, a brief

moment of grace, can make what seemed like a far-

off spiritual goal actual here and now. The Short

Path to Enlightenment abounds with inspiring, reliable

pointers for how to cultivate these moments.


  • How to move from the Long Path of spiritual
    disciplines to the Short Path of direct insight

  • Short Path exercises

  • Experiences that may occur

  • Warnings

  • Stages of realization

  • Stabilizing the awakening

  • The nature of lasting enlightenment


About Paul Brunton

       Paul Brunton

Widely considered the most influential writer on

systems of self-realization in the 20th century,

Paul Brunton traveled the globe in search of au-

thentic spiritual teachers, with whom he lived,

meditated, and studied. Major reviewers acclaim

his integrative writings as “sensible and compel-

ling,” “a rich vein of wisdom,” “sensible, deep,

and original,” etc., that “stand beside Merton,

Huxley, Suzuki, Watts, and Radhakrishnan.”

He presents and makes accessible a broad spec-

trum of deep teachings, both East and West.

Early Praise from Adyashanti and Gangaji

"Paul Brunton gives voice to the profound teachings

of immediate spiritual awakening that have the power

to short circuit the seeker in us and reveal the true

nature of reality here and now. The true gift of this

wonderful book is in how nuanced and subtle Paul

Brunton understood these profound and transforma-

tional teachings and how directly he conveys them.

Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra

and let it open your eyes to eternity." —Adyashanti

"The Short Path to Enlightenment is a deeply supportive

text from the extraordinary Paul Brunton, the spiritual

explorer who first brought knowledge of Ramana Maharishi

to the West. In this work, readers receive the invitation and

instruction to discover the truth of oneself. This book is alive

with supreme knowledge. May it support you in immediately

and continually recognizing yourself." —Gangaji


More Praise

"This work, The Short Path to Enlightenment,

consists of meaningful fresh passages that could

have been composed today. Brunton was a

literary force. His books were better written than

those by any of the current communicators of

nondual consciousness."

                                —Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com





The Compilers

Compilers Mark Scorelle and Jeff Cox are both

longtime students of Paul Brunton’s work and

immersed in contemporary nondual teachings.

Jeff recently retired as president of Snow Lion

Publications, publishers of many works by the

Dalai Lama and other revered Buddhist teachers.

Both are available for promotional activities.


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