New, definitive edition

The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga
The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight
Volume One
by Paul Brunton
Spirituality / Philosophy


6 x 9

400 pages
Quality paperback

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The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga is a step-by-step guide

to awakening the perception that our experienced world is

not composed of matter, but entirely of thought(s)—of which

"matter" is one.

Brunton’s analysis of perception combines modern science

with teachings of sages he met (and meditated and studied

with) throughout Asia. It is an initiatory work for today's

seekers, helping us distinguish appearances and the mind

in which they appear.

This first of two companion volumes prepares us for a

revelation of our sacred foundation in its sequel, The

Wisdom of the Overself. Here in The Hidden Teaching,

Brunton prepares us for that revelation by spelling out

attitudes, mental disciplines, and character traits essen-

tial for success in this greatest of all adventures.

This new edition of Paul Brunton's classic work has been

updated to incorporate his final revisions. It includes a

new introduction plus supplementary reading material

selected from the author’s archives by the Paul Brunton

Philosophic Foundation.

About Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton is widely considered the 20th century's

most influential writer on systems of self-realization.

He traveled the globe in search of authentic spiritual

teachers, with whom he lived, meditated, and studied.

He is perhaps best known for introducing Ramana

Maharshi to the West, and to much of India.

Major reviewers acclaim Brunton's integrative writings

as “sensible and compelling,” “a rich vein of wisdom,”

“sensible, deep, and original,” etc., that “stand beside

Merton,Huxley, Suzuki, Watts, and Radhakrishnan.”

He lucidly presents and makes accessible a broad

spectrum of deep teachings, both East and West.