A new softcover edition of the classic work

A Search in Secret Egypt (new)
North Atlantic paperback edition
by Paul Brunton
Adventure / Spirituality / Biography


6 x 9, softcover
386 pages, b/w
illustrated throughout


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In A Search in Secret Egypt, Paul Brunton experiences

the mysteries and magic of Egypt in the 1930s. He ex-

plores Egypt's mysticism, temples, and gods for their

spiritual significance—including an illuminating and eerie

night alone inside the Great Pyramid.   He plumbs the

furthest reaches of which his mind and body are capable,

to distinguish various forms of yoga and magic. He dis-

covers how these differ from the spirituality dramatically

presented in profound initiation rites performed for quali-

fied aspirants in ancient Egypt's sacred temples.

Along the way, Brunton meets a fascinating variety of

occultists, fakirs, dervishes, and an adept, and even

manages to be initiated into the deadly art of snake

charming. His frank interviews with Muslim leaders are

relevant today, and his description of the Hajj reflects

the beauty and inspiring faith of Muhammad's true


Toward the end of the book, Brunton reflects on his

own spiritual path, connecting all of his experiences

in the discovery that we are more than the body and

that the freedom of our spirit can be experienced here

and now.