All 16 volumes on one CD-ROM!

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (electronic)
CD-ROM edition
by Paul Brunton
Psychology / Spirituality / Philosophy


IBM/Mac compatible
Opens in browser offline

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"An important and lavish resource not only for students of Brunton's rich spiritual philosophy but for anyone wishing to keep the spiritual spark alive."  —Georg Feuerstein, for Parabola

The entire 16-volume Notebooks of Paul Brunton series—all 6,000+ published pages—at the touch of a few buttons, ready to search on key words and ideas.

Find what you want quickly in these marvelous Notebooks with

• Thorough, consolidated hyperlinked index
• Complete hyperlinked table of contents with all thematic subsections
• Six colorful options for background and text
• Large type option
• Small/large file options for search speed and power
• Text importable to most word processors for private use
• PLUS photos of Paul Brunton throughout his career, Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda, Shankaracharya of Kamakoti, Ananda Metteya, and other people important to PB

For both IBM and Macintosh
Runs offline in Netscape or Internet Explorer

"Paul Brunton was a great original and got to a place of personal evolution that illumines the pathways of a future humanity." —Jean Houston