Practical, inspiring guidance

Meditations for People in Crisis

by Paul Brunton
Self-help / Spirituality / Inspiration


Collated from The Notebooks
of Paul Brunton

by Sam Cohen and Leslie Cohen

4.75 x 7.25
112 pages

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"A blessing from the heart of Paul Brunton, filtered through the very real life we all share." --Stephen Levine

If you're in a crisis--or care about someone who is--here is practical, inspiring guidance on:

  • where to turn
  • how to cope
  • how to understand
  • how to help
  • how to be more prepared.

This pocket-sized book contains inspiring selections from Paul Brunton's Notebooks that help prepare for, endure, and learn more easily from life's inevitable physical, emotional, and spiritual crises. Like an angel taking you by the hand.