Discover life's deepest purpose

Realizing Soul
From Intuition to an Inspired Life
by Paul Brunton


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“Paul Brunton’s laser-sharp eye directs us back to
. . . the Divine Self.” –Mooji

Does life have a purpose? Does my life have a purpose?

How can I know? Are my intuitions about it real?

This newest presentation of Paul Brunton’s acclaimed

speaks intimately to these deep and important  questions.

It features teachings on life’s deepest purpose from www., a popular international website

where inspiring selections from the encyclopedic Notebooks

of Paul Brunton are read aloud in numerous languages (now

sixteen and growing) by native speakers every day of the

year. Realizing Soul is an ideal inner guide for people feeling

that “there must be something more” to seasoned spiritual




About Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton is widely esteemed for creatively

integrating the world’s sacred teachings into a

practical, satisfying vision of spiritual life for our

times. Major reviewers praise his work as “a rich

vein of wisdom,” “sensible, deep, and original,”

that “can stand beside Merton, Huxley, Suzuki,

Watts, and Radhakrishnan.”

Mooji on Realizing Soul

“Paul Brunton's wisdom is like the child’s voice

in the story, ‘The Emperor's New Clothes. His

observations, spiritual insights, and pointings

reveal a laser-sharp eye that directs us back to

that which is obvious within ourselves, though

obviously overlooked—the Divine Self.”  —Mooji


Table of Contents


1: The Mystery
     The Overself
     The Kingdom of Heaven Is within
     Always Here and Now

2: The Ego Illusion
     A Transient Shadow
     Prisoners of Our Past
     The Evolutionary Process
     The Body
     Death of the Body
     Life in the Ego

3: The Gentle Voice of the Overself
     Intuition Shows the Way
     Take Time to Listen
     Ego Impulse or Real Intuition
     Cultivate Your Intuitive Sensitivity

4: Foretaste of the Ego-free Life
     An Unforgettable Experience
     Confirmation and Evidence
     Waiting for Liberation

5: Born Again
     The Awakening
     The Sage

6: The Inner Voyage
     The Spiritual Quest
     The Short Path
     Always Remember
     As If . . .
     Mental Quiet
     The Witness
     Aspiration for a Higher Life
     Loving Surrender

7: The Wonder of Grace
     Grace Takes Us . . .
     . . . into the Shining Presence

8: Toward a Brighter Future
     A New World
     A Truth that Must Be Proclaimed